The tango was created on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, It is part of the argentine identity, even something they are proud. It is the contribution they have given to the world.  It was not made only by Argentine, but by people of different nationalities who had to immigrate to Buenos Aires. They also participated in the creation of tango. Each brought something of his land:

African people: They gave the word: "Tango".

From Spain: the influence of the Spanish zarzuela .

From Saxony, Carlsfeld: Germans gave the bandoneón. 

From Italy: talents musicians who played and composed new songs. 

The history repeats itself. People who left Buenos Aires and undertook a trip to Europe introduced a new rhythm to  Paris. It was a success, it was danced there, and throughout Europe, later  in the whole world. Read more

The tango is the specific example that something good can happen if people of different nationalities come together to make something in common.  Because as Argentine culture, tango became a national heritage but it is also universal heritage of humanity.

The tango is a example about what it is possible if all cultural differences are incorporated creatively.

In these times, our society is facing great challenges due to the new possibilities of the humans to travel around the world. Challenges of cultural diversity is sometime assumed as fear and racism.

Our proposal is to invite to everyone to take part of the tango as an activity for a opened dialogue between the human beings by dancing, listening its music, studing about its history, lyrics songs.

For this reason, we offer tango lessons, tango seminars to everyone who wants to experince the tango as opened mindendess activity.


We organize events to promote, by dancing tango, the integration of people living in and coming to Germany. 

Overcoming Boundaries