Everybody can dance

An easy way of learning tango




People from all ages, from all nationalites can dance tango. It´s not necessary to be an expert in dance or sport. We created a methology focusing in giving to the students all the confidence they need to try, enjoy and learn tango.


We have given lessons in:

+ Montagscafé in "Kleines Hause"

+ TU Dresden

+ Prohlis Jungend Hause 

We  offer free tango courses for all people, for people in disadvantaged neighborhoods, for young people, refugees, migrants or for LSBTTIQ. In addition to tango learning, the courses always deal with eye-level interaction and social proximity to other people. We do not charge any fees for these courses so we do not exclude anyone. In addition, the courses are deliberately designed in such a way that everyone (even without previous experience and without a dance partner) can participate and contribute their own artistic style.


Kiez, Prohlis Zentrum

Every Wednesday from 18:00 to19:00 hours

For Free

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