Colourful Ballons

14-05-2016, Prager Straße, Dresden

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Tango offen und bunt began that day in Prager Strasse. We danced to invite everybody to participate in our project. We used colourful ballons to show our motto and expose our proposal. In the event we said:

"Would you offer to your sons and daugthers  a world  which would have only one colour ? Which colour it would be ? Blue ? Red ? Green ? Yellow? Can you imagine a world like that ? 

Life is colourful. Life is diversity."

Tango was created by diversity. Immigrants from all the world have collaborated to create the tango in XIX century. Nowadays, it is danced around the whole world, each dancer gives his style, contributes with his colour. 

We danced with ballons to show that  just as tango was created with the colour of everybody, our sociality needs the contribution of everyone. No discrimination. We need all the colours.