Overcoming Boundaries

​Medical help and appreciation for human well-being know no religious or national boundaries. People who donate stem cells make no distinction regarding skin color, gender, age or background of their patients. Scientific research depends upon discourse and the collaboration of people from all around the world.


This notion also informs the issues the Cellex foundation is campaigning for tolerance and open-mindedness 


Our society is facing great challenges. Racism opposes cultural and religious diversity, populism promises simple truths, fanaticism spreads fear. What our society should look like in the future is currently the subject of intense debate. The Cellex Foundation contributes to this discussion by campaigning for an open-minded and tolerant society, organizing welcome parties together with partners from the realm of culture, civil society and business, launching fund-raising campaigns and seeking dialogue with citizens. We take a stand for the participation and integration of people living in and coming to Germany. The foundation strives to help shape the world of tomorrow with tolerance, in accordance with our motto - overcoming boundaries.